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Chuck Zeka

President/Managing Partner

I run an exteriors company and switched to Surefire Local about 2 years ago. They designed an awesome website for us (at a fraction of the cost of our last website). They also take care of our online presence each month. The results have been incredible! Our leads have tripled and our business won’t stop growing. They have an amazing team (we work with Sam, who is the best). I can’t recommend this company enough. If you're ready to grow, go with Surefire Local!


Tara Heimkes

Business Manager

Surefire brings a refreshing perspective and tools to the table that we haven't been able to find elsewhere. Sue N. was wonderful to work with during implementation, I appreciate her nimbleness and ability to move and flex no matter which direction our meeting went. Thanks Sue!


Denise Bart


I estimate that at least 75% of our business and revenue comes to us via online sources and if it wasn't for Surefire, we would not be where we are today. Surefire make digital marketing easy with their all-in-one marketing platform, keeping everything in one place at your fingertips. The platform is very easy to use and navigate. It allows me to easily show and share with my husband/co-owner of our business how all aspects of our social media and website are functioning. We highly recommend them to everyone we can!