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The ABC's of Using AI & Software to Grow Your Small Business

For most small business owners, handling day-to-day operations takes priority over navigating the complex world of new and emergent technologies. In this webinar, we’re introducing the ABC’s of using A.I. & software to grow your small business. We’ll bring simplicity to what is a complicated topic – how to enhance your small business with cost-effective but powerful marketing tools.

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Maureen Moran
CTO - Surefire Local
Pete Haas
Sr Solutions Architect - XAPP AI
Nikhil Shetty
Sr Product Manager - AWS AI

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In this free webinar, you will learn to:

  • ATTRACT more local customers with an optimized online presence
  • BUILD a marketing toolbox that maximizes your spend and ROI
  • CONVERT today’s digital-first customer by leveraging AI & software to meet today's customer demands

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