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MarketSharp Surefire Local Webinar
Free Online Workshop: Planning for Success in 2020

5 Keys to Getting More Customers and Standing Out from the Local Competition

> Join our free workshop to learn the key numbers you should be tracking and which levers you can pull to drive higher quality leads and ultimately profit for your local business.

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Tim Musch - MarketSharp
Presented by Tim Musch
Director of Business Development, MarketSharp

Surefire Local Marketing Platform


Attend the Free Webinar to learn:

  • 5 numbers you absolutely need to know (and how to get them)
  • How your business stacks up against industry averages with these important numbers
  • Proactive tips to maximize your chance of turning prospects into lifetime customers
  • How you can convert more of your inquires to solid, set appointments
  • Specific strategies to bump up your performance numbers




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