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Social Media Checkup: 6 Principles to Maintaining an Engaged Social Media Presence

Businesses today are investing more in social media than ever before. With the continued growth of social platforms, those that do not invest in their social presence will only get left behind. Customers continuously expect your business to always be available, engaged, and transparent. Maintaining a healthy social media presence is an essential aspect of building both your digital footprint and brand within your community. In this session, we discuss the 6 principles to growing and maintaining a healthy social media presence.

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Sam Park - Digital Marketing Strategist at Surefire Local
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Sam Park
Customer Success Manager

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Join this free webinar as we review:

  • Latest trends and insights for managing your small business’s social presence
  • Social media marketing snapshot: What is it, why is it important, and how to find success on the top social platforms
  • A deep dive into the 6 foundational pillars of what an effective social media strategy should contain

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