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Winning Locally – Your Guide to Google Local Services Ads

Rise to the top of Google's local search results, earn the prestigious Google Guaranteed badge to solidify your credibility in your local community, and pay only for high-quality leads, not clicks. Unlike your more traditional pay-per-click Google ads, with Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) you only pay if the lead converts into a prospect. Join our next live session, as we explain the key differences between LSAs and other Google Ads, and how to manage and optimize your LSAs to increase your local visibility in your very specific markets, industry, and profession.

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Jen Clark
Digital Advertising Manager

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In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • The key differentiators of Google Local Services Ads and their proper application
  • To dominate your local search with highly visible and targeted online ads
  • How to boost your online presence while remaining in budget and time efficient

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